5 Best Practices for Leadfeeder Premium Recommended by the Pros

22 September 2015 by

Have a look at this shortlist of 5 best practices for using Leadfeeder, based on feedback from our most successful users. It’s a 3-minute read and it’s always good to know how the pros do it, right? If you stick to some of these strategies then you’ll soon discover that uncovering new prospects can be easy.

1. Create Custom Feeds.

Custom feeds allow you to quickly see companies that match certain criteria. For example, they might have visited certain web pages, be located in a particular country or they might be from a certain industry. There are many other possibilities to explore.

It’s important to remember that monitoring behaviour on your website is one of the most powerful ways of identifying whether a company is genuinely interested or not.

Reasons to create a custom feed:

  • Quickly and easily see the most revelant leads, so when you log into Leadfeeder you can jump straight to what’s most important.
  • Subscribe by email to receive daily or weekly email updates about new companies matching the criteria you have set.


Video - create a custom feed

2. Follow Specific Companies.

Any companies that you star will appear in your feed called Followed companies. This feed contains only companies that you have starred. It does not show you companies that colleagues might be following.

When you star an interesting company in Leadfeeder then it means you will automatically receive email notifications whenever that company re-visits your website.

Reasons users follow specific companies:

  • It’s a quick way to create a list of existing customers so you can monitor what they do on your website. Starring enables you to quickly mark a company for follow-up.
  • It’s a great way of tracking an interesting company before it becomes a full lead.


3. Hide Companies That Don’t Interest You.

If a company doesn’t interest you and you think that seeing what it does on your website in the future will not interest you then you can hide that company.

Once you hide a company then it will not count towards your lead limit and you will not see it again. By hiding a company you erase its behaviour from Leadfeeder.

When you hide a company it will no longer be visible for any users in your Leadfeeder website.

Reasons why users hide companies:

  • Removing companies can enable you to focus more easily on the best leads.
  • Once you hide a company then it won’t count towards your lead quota. This means that you can free up space for a more interesting website visitor.


4. Customise Email Notifications for Your Feeds.

Every user will receive daily email notifications by default for 2 pre-set feeds: Top leads and Followed companies. The default number of leads per email is 3.

It is easy to customise your settings to subscribe to other feeds and choose how often you receive emails.

Reasons users customize email notifications:

  • To see more than 3 leads per email.
  • To see particular companies less often.


5. Add Your Colleagues.

By adding your colleagues you can achieve more together in Leadfeeder.

If you are admin user you can add additional users and choose whether to make them admins by logging into Leadfeeder and going to Settings > Website Settings > Users.

Add a new user by adding their email address in the box that says Create new user.


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