Can I do with Google Analytics what I do with Leadfeeder?

30 July 2015 by Peter Seenan

This is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to the biggest and most important questions our attentive and inquisitive users (you guys) fire at us. Enquiries come in a plethora of forms, but by far the most popular channel is our in-app support. Have you tried it yet?

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Here’s a real enquiry from a user from July.

If you’re asking this question or a variation on it then that’s a good thing because it probably means you know something about Google Analytics. The good news is that the difference becomes very clear when you start using Leadfeeder for the first time and you check out what Google Analytics actually shows you. But let’s run through the answer here too.

In Google Analytics under Reporting > Audience > Technology > Network you can see Internet service providers (ISPs) and some real companies too, as our screen shots show. We encourage everyone to poke around in Google Analytics and compare Google Analytics and Leadfeeder.

The short answer to the question is no: just compare the images below. The first is Google Analytics and the second is Leadfeeder. Can you spot the difference?

Google Analytics network locations list

Google Analytics Network Locations report

Screenshot of Leadfeeder interface showing Top Leads

Leadfeeder report

We’ve also put together this little chart to summarise the differences at a glance.

Infograph about difference between Google Analytics and Leadfeeder features

In summary it all boils down firstly, to the comprehensiveness of data you get in Leadfeeder versus Google Analytics and secondly, how easy it is to integrate information about leads within your existing marketing or sales process. Or to put it another way: how easy it is to turn which companies visit your website into cold hard actions.

In Leadfeeder we’ve made it very easy for you to take action on your leads; in fact the whole premise of Leadfeeder is: why spend time chasing companies that aren’t interested when you could go after companies who’ve already shown an interest? In other words, we built Leadfeeder with sales people front and centre.

We have two CRM integrations currently available that effectively enable automated lead generation (more to come soon) and customisable lead notifications by email do a similar job. But the most common way of using Leadfeeder is as a dashboard from which sales people and marketers operate. We show you company data, company contact information and we provide numerous ways for you to manage what’s in front of you, move the data to other places and assign leads to colleagues. You can even follow specific important companies with one click.

The other key advantage of Leadfeeder is of course the comprehensiveness of the data we provide. With custom feeds and filters you can select companies based on behaviour and watch their activity over a long time period. There’s nothing like understanding behaviour for deciding whether a lead is qualified or not.

The final word from our team:

“The reason we built Leadfeeder was because we realised that marketing and sales people didn’t use Google Analytics for lead generation because it’s time-consuming and there was a huge missed opportunity. Most people still don’t even realise a service like ours exists. “ Herkko, Tech lead

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