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17 June 2015 by Peter Seenan

Every day a fascinating new story drops into our inbox from someone telling us about how they’re using Leadfeeder. We love these tales because they uncover unique successes in everyday settings all over the world — from New York to Helsinki and London to Silicon Valley. Romas Juskevicius, uses Leadfeeder for lead generation _Romas Juskevicius is a startup entrepreneur from Lithuania_ One story that caught our eye recently was from fellow startup entrepreneur, Romas Juskevicius of Lithuania, who uses Leadfeeder as part of his daily lead generation process at bitREC. We caught up with Romas earlier this month at [Startup Sauna](, an accelerator programme in Finland for the most promising early-stage startups in the Nordics, Eastern Europe and Russia. In this blog post Romas explains how he was taken aback when he saw who was visiting his website and talks about his early online lead generation successes with Leadfeeder. >"Wow, this thing works! **Why did you want to try out Leadfeeder?** The task of lead generation is one of the toughest challenges in startup life. Random cold calls are inefficient and I’m always pressed for time. Leadfeeder shows you the companies that already invested some effort in checking you out, hence they are already pre-warmed and motivated leads, as I see it. Furthermore, I know from my own business how few website visitors actually leave their contact details – it’s around 2% – and to me that represents many missed opportunities. * Personalized context-aware recommendations and search * Founded 2012 * Offices in Spain and Lithuania [](bitREC website) **How easy was it to get started?** No effort whatsoever — I just picked the right website from my Google Analytics account and in under one minute I was able to see companies that paid a visit to To be precise, companies from the previous 30 days because Leadfeeder fetches historical data up to 30 days. It was a big surprise how easy it was actually. One other reason why it was a no-brainer for me and easy to get going was because I didn’t have to think about money or needing a credit card. I like the fact that you guys offer a 30-day free trial; it means signing up is as simple as having access to Google Analytics. "I got in touch with their CMO by email and it turns out that exactly right now they are looking for a recommendations engine provider! **Did you have a WOW moment?** Yes, I did! In fact the very first time I opened Leadfeeder I discovered a Norwegian company on my website. I used the LinkedIn connection provided by Leadfeeder to identify the right person to contact. So I got in touch with their CMO by email and it turns out that exactly right now they are looking for a recommendations engine provider! I’m not sure if it was the CMO visiting my website or not, but the key thing was I could see they were interested so I went ahead and did my usual sales pitch. I said "Wow, this thing works!" If we are lucky – beers on me, Leadfeeder team! **Does Leadfeeder fit within your existing sales process?** It definitely will. We are now starting some active inbound marketing campaigns and this will be a very effective tool to generate and prioritise the leads out of the visitor stream. We use Pipedrive CRM and making the connection with Leadfeeder was very easy. Now I simply connect interesting companies to Pipedrive and from then on it’s our usual sales process, but of course with the added benefit of having visit details from Leadfeeder automatically updated in Pipedrive. **How will you use the leads Leadfeeder gives you?** We will look for the right people on LinkedIn from the companies who visited our website. In our case it is usually the CMO or eCommerce manager. Usually we email them and then three days later we contact them by phone. **What are your top 3 tips for using Leadfeeder?** **1.** If you use [Pipedrive as your CRM](/blog/2015/get-your-leads-to-pipedrive) (or any of the other supported CRMs) then definitely connect it to Leadfeeder. Essentially it means automated lead generation and I like that. **2.** Remember to share you unique link during your trial period because there’s a very good chance that you’ll get your trial extended. **3.** Speak with the Leadfeeder guys on the in-app chat during your trial. They provide really authentic advice specific to your account and I found it super useful. * * * > _This is the first in our series of blog posts dedicated to our users. If you’d like to see your own story here, then send an email to Peter at []( * * *

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