Good-bye 2017, Hello 2018 - A Year in Review

28 December 2017 by

Good-bye 2017, hello 2018! It’s said that it’s better to look forward than to look back. However, this year we have had some amazing things happen at Leadfeeder and we couldn’t help but to take a trip down memory lane.

Helping our customer fuel business growth!

As a SaaS tool for sales and marketing teams our goal is to help our customers meet their business growth objectives. By identifying anonymous website visitors for companies we aim to increase their lead generation, accelerate their sales pipeline, align their sales and marketing teams, and so much more. Our own growth is the best compliment to the work that we do for customers.

Here is a breakdown of how many customers we added throughout the year:

  • January 840+ customers
  • April 1000+ customers
  • July 1200+ customers
  • October 1500+ customers
  • December 1800+ customers

Product Improvements

Despite many BIG product improvements this year, we certainly haven’t lost focus on the foundation of what makes Leadfeeder better than the competition: quality of data, customer support and deep integrations with other sales and marketing tools.

Here are a few of the big feature releases we had throughout the year.


Our team has grown substantially throughout the year and we are still hiring! We are now 30+ employees in 7+ countries. Despite growth we have maintained a culture of remote work supporting team members to live and work where they feel comfortable.

As a remote team we also have the advantage of coming together once or twice a year. This is Finland in June.

Marketing and Events

We had some rock solid marketing campaigns and attended some great events this year. Some of the campaigns we launched are building blocks to something bigger, and some facilitate growth, and allow for us to meet with peers, share insights about the product and listen to customers.

Here is a snapshot of some of the events we attended, and the marketing campaigns we started:

App Stats

This year our customers were busier than ever driving traffic to their websites. We identified almost 3 million companies visiting our customers websites, and over 2,000 customers integrated their CRM with Leadfeeder. Even though Leadfeeder Contacts launched just a few months ago we have identified over 3 million contact details for companies found. That’s adding some serious qualified sales leads to our customers pipelines!

  • Leads identified: 2,835,177
  • Visits identified: 554,625,242
  • Contacts identified:3,041,785
  • New integrations: 2,025

Blog Stats

This year our blog had over 35,000 unique visitors from 20+ countries. Our blog posts have been linked to from top tier sites like Forbes, Convince and Convert, Huffington Post and SEMrush. We have received many positive responses from customers, subscribers and teams from around the world about how our blog content has helped them grow their business. We are thankful for our readers, guest blog contributors and partners for their help in creating rich content resources for our markets.

Top 10 blog posts by views:

  1. 18 ways to generate more B2B sales leads
  2. The 15 best sales podcasts in 2017 for startups and salespeople
  3. How do you sell SaaS software to enterprise businesses?
  4. After writing 10,000 cold emails for 550 companies, this CEO shares her strategy for getting higher response rates
  5. What is reverse DNS and why should you care?
  6. What do bounce, user, session and other Google Analytics terms mean?
  7. Pipedrive is Leadfeeder’s Newest Integration
  8. What is B2B sales?
  9. The Exact Steps I Used to Get a 49% Response Rate From Leads at a Conference I Didn’t Even Attend
  10. 4 Cold Sales Email Templates That Drive Leads (And Why They Worked)

New customer success stories:

  1. How AlertOps Uses Leadfeeder to increase sales demo rates by 700%
  2. How copywriter, online marketer and sales rep uses Leadfeeder
  3. Leadfeeder helps Tuminds send more personal emails to prospects


On behalf of the entire team at Leadfeeder, we thank everyone who has made 2017 a success.

To our customers that continue to validate and shape the product, to our vendors that work on our behalf to drive brand initiatives forward, and to our partners that believe in what sales and marketing technology can do to power the growth of their clients business, we thank you.

Best wishes for 2018 from everyone at Leadfeeder.

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