Online Lead Generation is Just Like Pokémon Go

26 July 2016 by

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past weeks, you probably already knew that 99% of our planets’ human population are playing Pokémon Go. If you still have any battery left, you should use it to read this blog post and learn how online lead generation is actually just like playing Pokémon Go.

The idea of Pokémon Go is simply to collect Pokémon. Pokémon appear randomly and not-so-randomly in real-world locations and with your Poke Balls, you catch them to your collection. Then you train them, train them more and eventually use them to conquer the world.

Pokestop with Lure Module activated and and example of a good landing page

The idea of online lead generation is simply to collect leads who would buy your products or services. These leads end up randomly and not-so-randomly on your website and you catch them to your CRM (not with Poke Balls, though). Then you use these entries in your CRM to conquer the world.

In Pokémon, there are Pokestops. Pokémon wander around Pokestops, so they are a good place to catch them. You can also use Lure Module to entice even more Pokémon and just stand by it and catch them.

In online lead generation your landing pages are the Lure Modules. You create as good content as you can to lure people to stop by and once they are there - bang, you throw a Poke Ball. I mean, you try and get them to fill your form and leave their contact information.

In Pokémon Go, not all encounters with Pokémon end up in you catching the Pokémon. Sometimes they slip through and you end up with nothing. That’s the same with online lead generation. Only about 2-3% of your users will fill your contact forms. However, if you are using tool such as Leadfeeder, you can catch those, too. Leadfeeder is something like Razz Berry or Great Ball that will help you catch even those hard-to-get Pokémon that won’t fill your contact form.

Screenshot of Pokémon Go where a wild Pokémon appears

_ Pokémon appearing in Örö, an old island fortress in Finnish archipelago. _

After you’ve collected some Pokémon - or leads - you train them. In Pokémon Go, you train them at the Gyms and with Power Ups and through evolving. First you of course need to know which of your Pokémon are the ones you want to train. You don’t want to spend your precious Stardust to train the bad ones but you want to concentrate on making the best ones even better. So first you research your Pokémon and then you train them.

In online lead generation you too want to know which of your leads are the best. It’s important to focus your limited resources to those leads that are most probable to buy. You learn as much as you can from your leads and once you are ready, you conquer the Gym, uhm, I mean contact them and start selling. You can gather information on your leads with for example web analytics, form and social selling techniques. You can read more tips on social selling here in our blog.

Some tips for online lead generation can be found in our new blog post and if you are more into Pokémon Go you should check the active subreddit or Bulbapedia.

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