Product Improvements Roundup August 2017

31 August 2017 by

Leadfeeder is on a mission to build the world’s best website visitor tracking tool for sales and marketing. As part of our ongoing improvement to the product and commitment to customers, we roll out features and product improvements regularly.

Here are some of the recent product improvements our team has been working on:

Leadfeeder now automatically connects leads to your CRM

If we find only one match for an account, lead or organisation within your CRM we will automatically show you these leads within Leadfeeder.

Screen shot from Leadfeeder email showing number of leads in Pipedrive

They will appear in your preset Leadfeeder feed called ‘Connected to CRM’. For leads that are auto-connected like this we can also send website visit details directly to your CRM. You’ll notice the checked box, like in the image below.

Screen shot from Leadfeeder showing connection to CRM

To recap:

  • Leadfeeder leads that are found to match one account, lead or organisation in your CRM are now automatically connected.

  • In your settings you can choose whether Leadfeeder should automatically send visits to your CRM.

Mailchimp integration: new “People” column added to your exportable lead report

With our Mailchimp integration you can see the activity details of your Mailchimp subscribers on your website. You may want to know what web pages your subscribers are visiting and how long they are there. This will give you insight into how engaged your email subscribers are.

We added a “people” column to the lead report you can export. This means you can easily share contact and activity data with other members of your organization.

New weekly Leadfeeder summary gives you a complete overview by email

We wanted to give everyone in your team a clear picture of what’s been happening.

Our new weekly email outlines the engagement on your website and which companies are new, it fills you in on whether companies in your CRM are visiting your site, summarises your MailChimp activity and gives you the complete picture under ‘account administration’ about which of your colleagues have been added to Leadfeeder.

The new Leadfeeder weekly summary email

We’ll suggest users you may want to add to Leadfeeder

We’ll automatically pull in details about users that you may want to add to Leadfeeder based on users that are in your Google Analytics and CRM. It’s the end of clumsily searching for colleagues’ email addresses manually. Simply click “add user” and that person is sent an email from Leadfeeder, making it super easy for them to sign up for free.

Since all of our pricing plans include unlimited users and we designed Leadfeeder with collaboration in mind, it’s worth adding as many users as you would like. They can always ignore the email if they’re not interested.

You will find this in your settings.

Screen shot from Leadfeeder showing new users automatically loaded

Assign tasks to Accounts or Opportunities in Salesforce

We’ve made our Salesforce integration even better. Now you can assign tasks to an Account or Opportunity found in Leadfeeder.

Screen shot from Leadfeeder showing new Salesforce functionality

Companies use this to:

  • Add a task to an Account in Salesforce.

  • Add a task to an Opportunity found in Salesforce.

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