Social Selling with Leadfeeder. Who should I lunch with next?

29 October 2015 by

Last week we made it even easier to contact the right person with the release of an improved LinkedIn feature. We’ve had some great responses and we can see that the uptake rate has been phenomenal. In this post we’re going to tell you what it’s all about.

Screenshot of Leadfeeder interface showing company details and common LinkedIn contact in the company

This is how it would look if Leadfeeder visited your website.

In the example above, “Leadfeeder” in Helsinki (that’s us) has visited your company website and looked at 9 web pages on the 30th of September.

Now you as a Leadfeeder and LinkedIn user – imagine you’re logged in – can see who you’re connected to at Leadfeeder. This works for every company with a profile on LinkedIn and in practise it reduces the number of clicks needed to contact the right person.

What’s the next step?

Our new LinkedIn connection is probably the quickest route for identifying and contacting the right person. You could also click through to the visiting company’s homepage, but let’s go the LinkedIn way seeing as it’s so user-friendly and a personal approach is one of the most effective ways to do sales. That applies whether you’re using Leadfeeder or not, by the way.

In this example you can see that you have 3 first-degree connections and 1 second-degree connection, meaning it’s pretty easy and quick to approach this company.

If you only had second-degree connections working at Leadfeeder then you would get an introduction through your common connection. LinkedIn shows you which contact(s) you have in common so you can request an introduction from the right person.

Seriously, how often have you turned your nose up at an introduction by a trusted friend?

Another way

If you find out via Leadfeeder’s new LinkedIn widget that you’re not directly connected, or don’t have common contacts, then follow the more traditional route: identify the person who will make a decision about your product or service and make an approach that suits your style. You can find the relevant person by clicking the “Contacts” button in the Leadfeeder interface.

In this article Romas explains how he approaches the CMO normally.

One tip: You still might want to make an approach through LinkedIn and use something they’ve posted or commented on to break the ice in your initial message. You could also consider using an email tracking tool like Mailchimp or Yesware to make your approach. It’s possible to see who’s opened your email and which companies have arrived at your website via an email, giving you a very accurate picture of the result of your email to your target(s).

Sales pitch

There are lots of great articles about how to do a sales pitch (and we’ll be adding more ourselves), write a good email, or identify the best person to contact in a company. The best thing with social selling is that you can say goodbye to truly ‘cold contacting’ and see your approaches get a lot warmer.

If you’re not already using Leadfeeder then click here to get a totally free 14-day trial of Leadfeeder Premium.

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