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14 December 2015 by

Users from around the world (in over 100 countries) are awesomely taking the time to tell us how much they love the simplicity of Leadfeeder. They’re also sharing with us stories of how Leadfeeder has got them sales they would have otherwise missed. So we wanted to come up with a better way of rewarding people who like talking about Leadfeeder.

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Our existing trial-extension referral program has been a success (whereby trial users extend their Premium trials for 14 days with a successful referral) but what about also rewarding users who are already using Leadfeeder Premium?

Our new Leadfeeder Referral Program is for trial users and Premium account holders and it’s simply about cash. Every time a paid customer signs up via your unique link you’ll earn 50 cold sweet US dollars. It’s also our way of rewarding influencers who like talking about Leadfeeder but don’t have a B2B website.

Think of our new referral program as being for individuals and small companies who enjoy B2B sales, marketing, SEO, analytics or business life in general and are keen on making some dough while talking about Leadfeeder.

First paying customer through @leadfeederapp This lead would have been totally missed without it. Thanks guys!— rikuseppala (@rikuseppala) September 9, 2015

To help you get the lift-off you need, here are four things our first members are doing to successfully share their unique referral links.


1. Blog

Write about B2B sales and digital disruption of traditional sales, and e.g. talk about how to increase the ROI on marketing efforts by catching unknown website visitors from your website. Blogs can be a great way of sharing your link and there are multiple marketing and sales topics you can write about that include Leadfeeder.

You might want to do it like this: Startup Sauna

And here’s another great example:

Top 3 apps for finding great leads

2. Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

The most common platform for talking about Leadfeeder is Twitter.

Mind. Blown. by @leadfeederapp. Definitely a #B2B #sales #leads #analytics #CRM must-have — Sampsa Daavitsainen (@Samses5th) December 2, 2015

And along with publishing on LinkedIn you can get very lucky if you express yourself genuinely.

An example of telling about Leadfeeder in LinkedIn

3. Email to a friend or trusted colleague

How many times has a friend or trusted colleague ignored your email? I’d say almost never. Email is still one of the most effective ways to tell your contacts about Leadfeeder and give them your unique referral link. Remember to avoid any kind of spamming and do warm introductions because the results are definitely better.

An example of telling about Leadfeeder in email

4. Newsletter to your customers

Talking about a cool new tool for B2B sales and marketing people in your newsletter will position you as a company or individual who stays ahead of the curve. Again, don’t spam, but give your clients something useful to try and share your experiences of Leadfeeder.

With these examples and a few of your own ideas we’re sure you’ll start seeing traffic through your referral link (you can keep track on this in Leadfeeder). You can get access to the referral program from your personal settings page in Leadfeeder. If you’re not yet a Leadfeeder user, sign up [here]( for free!

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