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This is a guest blog post by Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics. Jeff is an expert in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. In 2016, PPC Hero named Jeff a top 25 most influential PPC Expert. In this post he describes things that they like about Leadfeeder.

Turning Google Analytics into a sales tool - sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

According to BuiltWith data, Google Analytics is present on over 80% of all websites, so the ability to rapidly turn this data into a sales machine is something every business should be utilizing.

That is why Leadfeeder grabbed our attention.

Now, before I explain my love for Leadfeeder, let me give you a brief self-intro: After driving my digital marketing agency to the Inc 5000 list for the 5 years in a row, I turned to full-time teaching and conference speaking. As I build my next online course on growing digital marketing agencies, I think about how much easier the lead generation and sales process would have been if Leadfeeder were available at the time our agency experienced exponential growth. It would have saved us hundreds of hours of time and helped us make even more money!

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Why are we so excited about Leadfeeder?

Because Google Analytics IS a sales tool. And it is being used by the majority of website owners. But there is a learning curve that gets in the way of an average sales person using it with any kind of regularity.

You see, while the data in Google Analytics is accessible to anyone, it takes a high level of skill to make sense of your analytics data. It would take days to massage Google Analytics data in a way that is usable for the average salesperson.

That’s where Leadfeeder comes in to improve the process. Rather than requiring a high-paid analyst to make sense of your analytics data, Leadfeeder does the job for you.

In the spirit of sharing the love, here are 6 things we love about Leadfeeder.

  1. It does what it says: This tool segments your website visitors by Company. Simply put, it gives you a list of companies (or other legal entities) that might be interested in what you say or sell. And the moment you log in you see the list of leads.
  2. It provides unique value: No other tool on the market offers a similar functionality. Identifying companies that visited your website IS NOT easy in plain ‘vanilla’ Google Analytics. It involves advanced segments, data manipulation and hours of looking up internet service providers. I first came into contact with Leadfeeder after they saw my post about segmenting Google Analytics and dropping common ISPs from reports. Leadfeeder reached out to me to showcase their solution, which is like an advanced segment on steroids.
  3. It’s useful right away: The moment you set up your account it gives you visitor data for the past day, and within a few minutes you can see all the companies that visited your site for the past 30 days.
  4. It comes with a bunch of Google Analytics superpowers: Anyone who knows me is probably aware how fond I am of the GA tool. Since Leadfeeder collects the data from GA, we can use the data we are familiar with, only customized to fit the needs of our business. This is where Leadfeeder really excels. For example, you can see all the companies that came via twitter and spent more than 30 seconds on your site for the last seven days. With such segmentation capabilities it’s easier to identify what were they looking for and take a better guess at what problem you might help them solve.
  5. It offers a month of premium free trial: No credit card number required.
  6. Emails you receive once you start trial are unobtrusive: I enjoy receiving emails from Leadfeeder. They only deliver on the good things that matter to a business owner: generating more business and finding new customers. Leadfeeder cuts right to the chase and makes my business a little better with each message.

Why Leadfeeder?

The Internet Service Providers report in Google Analytics represents a gold-mine of information that every business owner can use. Only much like mining gold, you need specialized equipment, knowledge and a little luck to strike it rich. I suggested a manual way to do this through advanced segments, but now I have converted to a new method using Leadfeeder.

This tool addresses the problem I see very often: GA is a powerful tool that puts a ton of data on the hands of people who are not properly trained on how to use it. They often have no idea what to do with the data, and they don’t have the time to figure it out.

Save yourself time, make more money, and bring value to your business. Use Leadfeeder to get the job done.

About Jeff Sauer Jeff Sauer is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Educator. Jeff is an expert in Google Analytics and Google AdWords and provides thought leadership at Jeffalytics.com. In 2016 he launched Analytics Course, which helps individuals become Google Analytics certified.

Brand names such as Gerber, James Hardie, Berkshire Hathaway, Medtronic and Nestlé have relied on Jeff’s advice to guide their online marketing programs. As a digital nomad, Jeff resides in hotels and AirBNBs around the world and shares his experiences at Jeffsetter.com.

Guest Blogging: If you’d like to reach a new audience with a guest blog post for Leadfeeder then just drop a message to team@leadfeeder.com

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